Why Concrete?


Design Flexibility

Poured concrete can take on any shape or design you desire, which can be especially valuable for commercial buildings. Furthermore, the construction of a poured concrete foundation is a pretty fast process, which can reduce the amount of money you have to spend on labor.


Foundations made out of poured concrete are extremely strong and durable, which is why many homebuilders and homeowners choose them for their construction. They have a compressive and flexural strength, much more than concrete blocks. Unlike other types of foundations, they don’t shift if there’s movement of the soil underneath the building. An experienced contractor ensures that the foundation is as solid as it can possibly get.

Water Resistance

Due to their strength, density and joint-free construction, poured concrete foundations are less likely to develop water problems than other foundations. Water leakage and issues with mold are things no homeowner wants to deal with.

Fire Resistance

Compared to hollow concrete block, poured concrete protects much better against fire. Increased fire resistance means increasing your chances of making it out of your house before the fire gets to spread around more.


Foundations made out of poured concrete are practically maintenance-free. This can be explained with their resistance to rot and decay. The long lifespan of a poured concrete foundation means less money leaving your wallet.


Poured concrete foundations are a great choice for your new home construction. They come with many advantages compared to other types of foundations. An expert in concrete services has the knowledge and tools necessary to provide you with a solid foundation that increases the safety of your home and family.